BCN Sensual Family (Edition 1) - February 2021

Dear Family BCN Sensual,

We are pleased to announce the first event of this year 2021. An event that as of today in the current situation could be held with all the sanitary and legal measures in place. However, by then we hope that the situation will improve and we will be able to increase the number of visitors to this great family with so many days without being able to meet up again, work, dance, live....


The event will take place at the Roc de Sant Gaietà , a paradise with a tropical microclimate in the province of Tarragona.

The classes and most of the activities will take place inside the Estrella del Mediterráneo Resort. More than 500m2 in the middle of nature with sea views from every corner of the resort and all its rooms. A magical environment that will captivate you as you enter and you will never want the dream to end.

You will be able to choose between attending 3 or 5 days, the best option for your desires. Below we will inform you of the prices and the provisional planning ( see poster ).

Possibility of attending with your pet (always notifying in advance to the management), that which hurts us so much to leave in charge of other people when we go to a dance event. This is a unique opportunity. A dog beach just below the resort so you can take it with you and meet your playmates.

There will be 4 hours of master class with Dario & Sara ( Estrella del Mediterráneo Resort )

Paddle surfing course (Punta d'en Guineu beach) where you will be provided with a board, paddle, wetsuit and booties for the more chilly. The course will have a basic introduction, technical advice and above all put into practice the sport of fashion this summer. As a gift and for those interested can practice the hot-dog. A few unquestionable laughs. Once the activity is over there will be the possibility of yakuzzi in the same star resort of the Mediterranean.

Every night there will be a musical session in streaming with some of our favorite dj's.

On Sunday there will be a Bootcamp and video recording with Dario & Sara.

Other activities that could be done where the organization would advise you at all times: jet ski route / wake & foil / introduction to surfing course / horseback riding / karting / paintball / wine tasting ...

All these activities WILL ONLY BE FOR THE ATTENDANTS due to the current situation and impossibility of mass events.

Anyway thinking of all we will open a couple of ways for the unfortunate that we can come you can also involve with the whole family BCN Sensual in the first event of this year 2021.

Master Class and Bootcamp on line.
Bootcamp outdoors + video recording (in case the weather conditions were not suitable we would have to suspend it for those who have only chosen this option)
We will detail below posters with more information for those interested.
Soon we will be extending all type of information to be able to make the event but waited for after almost a year of inactivity.
With a lot of illusion, hope and desire to meet again in one way or another.

RESERVE YOUR PLACE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE because as you can see the places are very limited

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Hotel La Estrella del Mediterráneo
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